4-Cylinder Truck Diesel Engine (Common Rail) Trainer

4-Cylinder Truck Diesel Engine (Common Rail) Trainer

Product Code : JL-AE-9940

4-Cylinder Truck Diesel Engine (Common Rail) Trainer
This trainer provides the instructor with a complete working 4-cylinder heavy vehicle diesel engine with a Bosch EDC engine management system and high-pressure common rail fuel injection system.
The trainer is mounted on a moveable, heavy-duty steel frame.
The system comprises all the elements that control the air-fuel ratio, fuel injection, and exhaust emissions, together with the Bosch ECU and all the sensors and actuators associated with the control system.
The system has manually-inserted faults that allow the instructor to demonstrate troubleshooting techniques on a fully operational engine.
This resource is supplied with a manual containing practical tasks and activities.
Trainer enables demonstrations of the following:-
The position and mounting of all engine components
Engine management system fundamentals
The electronic control unit (ECU)
Sensor components
Actuator components
Pressurized fuel systems
Fuel injection components
Fault diagnosis

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