Automatic Organ Bath

Product Code : JL-IFPR-10519

Automatic Organ Bath
Isolated tissue/organ bath systems are designed for in vitro investigations on isolated smooth, cardiac or skeletal muscle preparations.
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Isolated organ bath systems are available as 1,2,4 or 8 channel system and used in pharmacological research worldwide.
Isolated organ bath are used to study effect of drug/chemical substances on isolated tissues in vitro.

Precise control over bubbling speed from control panel.
Maintenance Free- Use of Teflon stopcock based system in place of solenoid valve.
Automatic filling and emptying of organ bath tube using controller knobs on control panel.
Compact and robust design.
No need of aeration tube.
No glass parts- Organ bath tube is made of P.P. And reservoir coil is made of perspex making system breakage free and maintenance free.
No leakage- Thick perspex single joint tank.
Uniform Temperature- Inbuilt water circulation pump for uniform temperature control.
Available with analogue and digital temperature controller.

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