Concept of Magnets and Electromagnetism Kit Teacher Version

Concept of Magnets and Electromagnetism Kit Teacher Version

Product Code : JL-M-971

Concept of Magnets and Electromagnetism Kit Teacher Version

  • This educational kit contains materials and instructions suitable for safe hands-on inquiry-based experimentation into the nature and properties of magnets and electromagnetism.
  • This kit is primarily aimed at students in Middle School but may be used by Elementary or High School students by slightly altering the instructions.
  • Instructions are also included for Science Fair activities and optional Probe ware/Data-Logging activities. Experiments that can be performed include how a compass works, why and how magnets react to things, is electricity magnetic, working of an electromagnet, can magnets generate electricity, analyzing a generator, construction of a motor etc.
  • Items included in the kit Dynamo Generator AC/DC-1, Motor model-1, Bar Magnet-2prs, Horseshoe Magnet-1, Aluminium Strip-1, Iron Strip-1, Copper Strip-1, Zinc Strip-1, Electromagnet-1, Contact Key-1, Magnetic Compass-2 & Oversteps Law Apparatus-1.
  • Lab That Have Been Provided
  • How does a compass work?
  • Which way does the compass point?
  • What do we use compasses for?
  • Will a magnet affect a compass?
  • How does a compass work?
  • Is the earth a magnet?
  • How do Magnets React to things?
  • How do poles react to each other?
  • How do magnets react to other substances
  • Can a magnet move a magnet?
  • Is electricity magnetic?
  • Will electricity affect a compass?
  • Oersteds Law Apparatus.
  • Working with the Electromagnet
  • Build the Electromagnet.
  • Examine the Electrical Circuit you have just made.
  • Working with the Electromagnet
  • Can Magnets Make Electricity?
  • Build the electricity sensor
  • Demonstrating the Generator
  • Demonstrate the Generator

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