Domestic Air Conditioner Trainer

Domestic Air Conditioner Trainer

Product Code : JL-AE-9978

Domestic Air Conditioner Trainer
Technical Description:-
Simple air conditioning system
Ventilation duct, cross-section 250x250 mm
Expansion element selectable using solenoid valves:- Expansion valve and capillary tubes 1m
Radial fan with regulating flap
Lamellar evaporator with drip tray
Determination of airflow rate by velocity measurement with Pilot tube 2 temperature sensors, differential pressure transducer 
Controllable valves and equipment actuated by software
Condenser:- Air cooled type
Evaporator chamber, damper
Size(LxWxH):-1100x720x490 mm
Weight:- 80kg
Operating Control(ON,OFF) of monitoring and machine using data saving Function and electric control board in the PC.
Fault insertion & simulation, Data acquisition and P-I diagram drawing via
Manual with theory and experiments
Compressor:- 1/2HP, Single-phase 220V, Control Box 
Condenser:- Air-cooled type, Single-phase 220V 
Evaporator:- Pin, Tube type 
Accumulator:- 1/2HP
Receiver tank:- 1/2HP 
Expansion Valve:- Auto expansion valve (welding type) 
Electronic valve for operation:- 3/8“ nut clamp type or welding type 
Filter dryer:- 3/8“ Nut clamp type or welding type 
Manometer:- High Pressure, Low Pressure 
Filling nipple:- Attached to a nipple for Filling 
Sight Glass:- welding type or nut clamp type 
Duct:- PC 250X250 
Ventilator:- 220V, Fan speed controller included 
Heater:- Pin type, 1Kw 
Wind pressure:- 220V, Pitot tube 
Temperature Sensor:- 9EA
Liquid receiver, Accumulator
Sequence Control Unit

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