ENT Patient Chair

ENT Patient Chair

Product Code : JL-EE-3652

ENT Patient Chair

Fully Flexible, Rotating Recliner Chair

Noiseless, DC-Motor driven, Up & Down movements and inclination

Board-based design for high stability

Comfortable polyurethane-filled seat

Arm rest with swing-up option

Adjustable footrest, which can be fully raised to Sleeping position

Under-calf cushioning in sleeping position

Ideal movement control from chair side top control panel

Foot Switch for fluid up / down movement control

Optimal overall ergonomics

Minimum measurement needed ~8/10 sq. ft.

Power Supply-220V/50HZ/ 5 Amp

Seat Minimum Height-  550mm

Seat Maximum Height-  710mm

Up & Down Stroke-  160mm

Seat Rotation-  0 to 180 deg.

Back & Forward Movement- 95° to 750°

Power Consumption-  600mA

Net Weight-  200 Kgs.

Load Lifting- 200 Kgs.

Motor Available- 230V AC-24V Dc

Minimum are required-   8 feet to 10 feet

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