Grip Strength Meter

Grip Strength Meter

Product Code : JL-IFPR-10514

Grip Strength Meter
Grip Strength Meter measures the muscle strength in both forelimbs and hind limbs, allowing assessment of neuromuscular function.
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Grip Strength Meter – for assessing neuromuscular functions in rodents like mice and rat.
The system can be configured for rats, mouse or other small laboratory animals.
The system can be used to study effects of hormones, toxins, muscle relaxants as well as disease or the aging process on the muscular strength of the animal.
The animals are allowed to grasp the metal bar or grid and are then pulled backwards in the horizontal plane.
Basically, the grip strength meter is positioned horizontally and the subjects are held by the tail and lowered towards the apparatus.
The force applied to the bar or to the grid just before it loses grip is recorded as the peak force.
Motor Phenotyping
Parkinson Disease
Drug Screening
Neuromuscular Diseases
Huntington Disease 

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