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Large Yard Tractor Engine Fault Diagnosis System Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Large Yard Tractor Engine Fault  Diagnosis System

Product Code : JL-AE-9983

Large Yard Tractor Engine Fault 
Diagnosis System
An educational unit for 5 kinds of injector nozzles.
Able to explain each part of 5 kinds of injector nozzles and help understanding operation functions.
Each incised section is painted with different colors for education efficiency.
400HP or more Cummins Diesel Engine Assembly
Fuel Filter, Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, Fuel and Battery, Generator
Radiator, Electric Fan Cooling System and Overflow Tanks and Antifreeze
Exhaust Components such as anExhaust Silencer
Ignition Switch (Key S / W) Anti-Vibration Dampers And A Urethane Wheels
Control Box, Fuel Tank (Removable), Excel Illustrator Lever.
Stainless Steel Molded-Type Guards Installed.
Standard For The Radiator And Laser Processing Protection Panel
Control Panel : Meter, oil pressure gauge, power switch, power lamp, 20-port diagnosis terminal, Voltmeter, Ampere meter
Auto Fault
Size:- Approx. 2,400 X 1,500 X 1,500 mm
Weight:- Approx. 650 kg
Training Contents
Measurement of exhaust, Measurement and inspection of compression pressure of cylinder.
Measurement of Radiator cap pressure, Radiator leak test and inspection.
Operation test of Fuel pump, Measurement and inspection of Oil pressure.
Measurement and adjustment of tensions of belt.
Measurement and inspection of voltage and current of various circuits such as charging circuit and maneuver circuit.
Connector-checking socket for inspection of sensors and actuator.
Inspection of every part of suction and exhaust system.
Inspection of every part of each automotive electricity, fuel system, ECU, sensors and actuator.
Inspection of every part of cooling system, belt and all kinds of pumps.
Inspection of the rest of parts.

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