LPI Engine Fault Diagnosis Training Equipment Auto Fault

LPI Engine Fault Diagnosis Training Equipment Auto Fault

Product Code : JL-AE-9994

LPI Engine Fault Diagnosis Training Equipment Auto Fault
Manufacturing hybrid starting simulation with 1.6 engine, Hybrid control Unit.
Attached sensor of slant angle, brake boost pressure.
To check the operation such as start of hybrid engine, power support by idle or slow move, driving force support when speed up, energy retrieve decreasing speed (battery charge) with brake switch.
With the center of HCU (hybrid control unit), connect each control unit, ECU, TCM, BMS ECU, MCU, LDC with CAN communication.
Panel display engine start-engine status.
With diagnosis equipment, check sensor, short circuit, failure diagnosis and output power Display panel, ECU circuit, education check terminal and toggle switches are set up in the front control panel, it is convenient to check failure, diagnosis, test and experiment.
Engine and A/T auto transmission Specification
1,600cc LPI & Hybrid motor
Engine Style : I4 1.6 (1,591cc)
Size:- Approx. 4,600 X 1,800 X 1,500 mm
Weight:- Approx. 1,300kg
Bandwidth 20MHz (10MHz on ±50mV range)
Channels 4
Vertical resolution 12bits
Enhanced vertical resolution 16bits pulse width, runt pulse, dropout, windowed.
Maximum pre trigger delay 10x "per division" time base setting
Maximum post trigger delay 50s

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