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Metabolic Cage

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Metabolic Cage
Metabolic Cage for collection of feces & urine from experimental animal like mice and rat.
There are many types of metabolic cages developed for metabolic studies of experimental animals. Most of them are constructed from plastic, glass or a combination of plastic, glass, and metal screen with the primary function of urine-feces separation. Many of the cages available have several disadvantages as more number of parts, expensive construction, lack of versatility, inadequate space for the animal and incomplete separation of urine and feces.

Metabolic cage RMC 03 offers 99% separation efficiency of urine and feces assuring maximum purity of samples. Each metabolic cage may be placed on a single cage stand or a stainless steel rack or trolley accommodating up to four,eight or ten cages.

Animal waste is directed through a collection funnel and onto a linear diffuser guide. The diffuser guide allows solid matter to travel down the top ridges of a 50% incline, passing over a urine port, and into a fecal collection vessel. Liquid waste flows along grooves down the inclined diffuser guide, passing through the urine port, and into a urine collection vessel. A urine deflector prevents excess urine from splashing and contaminating fecal specimen. Separate urine and feces samples are collected in two separate tubes.

Components below the cage floor like collection tubes are removable without disturbing animals allowing tests to be conducted over a prolonged period of time without interruptions.

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