Solar Power Generation Trainer

Solar Power Generation Trainer

Product Code : JL-AE-9979

Solar Power Generation Trainer
Grid-connection and general load start-up power
Test on solar PV generation system control.
80W power generation
Test on solar PV generation system composition using banana jack
Console type and fit for the indoor test
Test on real wiring system and PLC control
Series and parallel control circuit composition and load power input circuit
Automatic transfer circuit configuration at electric discharge or power failure
Independent inverter system circuit configuration
Grid-connected inverter circuit configuration
Junction box
It connects power which is generated by connecting a generator to each channel.
The collected power is sent to the inverter Charge controller: Prevention of battery over-charge and over-discharge.
System voltage:- DC 12,24 and 48V   
Minimum operating voltage:- DC 9V 
Maximum operating voltage:- 68V
Battery:- Voltage DC 12V
Capacity:- 12V 55AH (20HR)
Grid-connected inverter:- Connection to the normal power grid / supply of surplus power to the grid
Independent inverter:- Conversion of DC to AC power, supply of power to the load
Auto Transfer Switch (ATS):- Conversion of normal to emergency power at emergency situation
Sine-wave inverter:- It is used I the inside of the power conversion system to raise voltage
Equipment controller:- System configuration and power control
Load:- Power use test equipment using the electricity with 40W lamp
Manual with theory and experiments
IT Allows Linked Operation and Experiments with
Below HVAC trainers can be charged by so that allows interlocking experiments.

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