Telecommunication Simulation Software

Telecommunication Simulation Software

Product Code : JL-AE-9981

Telecommunication Simulation Software
Make telecommunications block diagrams and equations come to life, using simple building blocks.
No programming and no parameters to enter. 
Hardware-like controls:- point-and-click connections, toggle switches and analog knobs.
Continuously running, instant response simulation engine.
Telecommunication simulation software including oscilloscope, FFT and Frequency counter.
Experiments List
Double Side Band Suppressed Carrier -generation -Product Demodulation:-
AM -amplitude modulation -I -AM -amplitude modulation -II
Envelope detection
Sing Sideband (SSB) generation -phasing method
SSB demodulation -phasing method
ISB -independent sideband -Weaver`s SSB generator
Weaver`s SSB demodulator
Armstrong`s phase modulator
FM -generation by VCO
FM -demodulation by PLL -FM -demodulation by zero crossing counting
Sampling Theorem
FDM -frequency division multiplex
Phase division multiplex -generate
Phase division multiplex -demodulation
PWM -pulse width modulation
Carrier acquisition -PLL
Complex analog messages
ASK -generation
ASK -demodulation
BPSK -modulation
BPSK -demodulation
The Costas loop
QPSK -generation
QPSK -demodulation
FSK -generation
Eye patterns
PRBS messages
QAM -generation
QAM -demodulation
PPM -pulse position modulation

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