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Tractor Differential Gear Model

Product Code : JL-AE-10003

Tractor Differential Gear Model
An educational unit for understanding the structure of tractor shafts.
Is the best model to see operation state and location of components by making parts which aren't seen at an actual one open.
Studying the differentials ➞ Axle ➞ reduction gears ➞ wheel operation principles by observing.
Effective to educate the troubleshooting and inspection theory, training.
Each component is colored differently for educational effect.
Composition:- Tractor shafts, Power switch, power lamp, emergency switch, fuse holder and speed control.
Stand:- Steel frame with 5” lockable wheels.
Motor:- Single phase 220V 180W reduction gear mounted.
Size:- approx. 1,500 X 800 X 800 mm.
Weight:- approx. 150 kg.
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