Trailer Type Air Brake System Training Equipment

Trailer Type Air Brake System Training Equipment

Product Code : JL-AE-9993

Trailer Type Air Brake System Training Equipment
Understanding air brake System’s operation principles,maintenance, inspection from heavy truck.
Consist of brake system from the body part and the trailer for understanding how it works and training.
Able to control wheel rotation, speed with motor.
Able to test with installed air tank and all components from the air brake system.
Composition:- Air tank, Pressure regulator, Brake pedal, Air pressure gauge, single chamber 2ea, double chamber 2ea, ECU, Parking brake valve, Check valve, ABS pulse ring, PCV modulator, Quick release valve, Air dryer, double check valve etc.
Control panel:- Check terminal, Power lamp, Fuse holder, Key switch, power switch, Emergency switch
Driving motor:- single phase 220V speed control type 120W motor 4ea
Size:- Approx. 2,400 X 600 X 1,800 mm + 800 X 600 X 1,600 mm (Trailer)
Weight:- Approx. 150 kg + 60 kg (Trailer)
Training Contents
How to use foot brake and hand control valve.
Output Voltage Test.
ABS Waveform Test.
ABS Modulators resistance Test.
Completing the brake air line Test.
Connecting the air line from the trailer brake system.

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