Trolley with Inbuilt Polypropylene Rabbit Cage

Product Code : JL-LACAE-10541

Trolley with Inbuilt Polypropylene Rabbit Cage
System has six rabbit cages and each rabbit cage comprises of P.P. tray forming bottom tray, S.S. door, top & side mesh inbuilt fitted on the trolley.

Rack: The rack structure will be fabricated from AISI 304 quality stainless steel square pipe of Size 30mm x 30mm.
Sides of racks comprising cage top & side parts are made of 2.5mm diameter S.S. 304 rod.

Polypropylene Tray: Cage tray is made of autoclavable food grade P.P. material and has provision for fixing food hopper. P.P. Tray has provision for keeping floor net made of S.S. material. Size of P.P. tray is 650 x 500 x 215mm.

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