Automotive Vehicle Gear Structure Training Equipment Operation Type

Automotive Vehicle Gear Structure Training Equipment Operation Type

Product Code : JL-AE-9982

Automotive Vehicle Gear Structure Training Equipment Operation Type
Features and Description:-
It is educational system that has a same structure of actual car’s engine.
The trainer has a gasoline engine and a natural gas engine fixed on vibrations absorbers to reduce the vibrations and the noise.
The engines are connected to all the systems necessary for its operation such as fuel injection system, battery, fuel tank, ignition system, cooling system and exhaust system.
The engines have an electronic injection system.
The engines are water cooled.
The unit is capable of simulating 20 faults common to the two engines.
The engines rotational speed can be controlled.
The trainer control unit is similar to an actual car control board with actual ignition/turn of keys.
The trainer has a faults selection panel which the trainee uses to select between the different faults.
The unit has a fault diagnoses connection, the trainee can connect a diagnoses device to this connection to discover the fault.
All the components can be viewed using protective glass panels.
The trainer rests on wheels to facilitate moving it.
This is a very powerful tool for automobile education and car faults trouble shooting.
It can be operated the input-output sign values randomly so the fault symptoms which can then be trouble shot.
The faults are also activated using a touch screen computer and the software on that computer is capable of testing the trainee troubleshooting capabilities and grad his efforts.
Through the interactive multimedia the system faulted components or the components that needs to be replaced can be simulated where these components are detected and virtually replaced.
All printed symbols, DWG’s etc. on the trainer is done using ultra violet technology on aluminum sheets, full colored and suitable for outdoor purposes (weather resistance).
Trainer is painted electrostatically and treated against rust & scratches etc.
Engine Simulator Equipment which equipped with fuel, cooling, intake, exhaust and car electricity system so that allows variety of theoretical training and experiments.
Easy to check and diagnose all faults that can happen in an actual vehicle system so that allows effective education concerning maintenance system.  
Technical Specifications:-
Brand : JLab 2017~2018
Type / Total Displacement : Gasoline Engine( Electronic Fuel Injection System), 4 Cylinder/1600cc, DOHC, 16 Valves.
Name/Model of Engine : 1.6 GDI Engine
Front Control Panel Items:- Instrument Panel, Ignition Switch, Fuel Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Self-Diagnostic Connector, Accelerator.
Control Panel Items:- AT Pressure Gauge.
Product Items:- Control Panel Nameplate, Fire Extinguisher, Protection Bar,
Additional Devices:- Sensor Control Switch, Sensor Check Terminal.
Wheels for stand:- Heavy Weight Type.
Measurement and Inspection Items:- Self-Diagnosis, Engine Tune-Up, Sensors
Data, Injectors, Automatic Transmission, Exhaust Gas, Intake Manifold Vacuum Gauge, Cylinder Compression Pressure, Radiator Leak, Timing Belt Tension.
Engine Operating Systems: Cooling System, Lubricating System, Fuel System (Gasoline - Gas), Charging System, Starting System, Electronic Fuel Ignition System(Distributerless Type).
Electrical Control Gasoline Engine Assembly, Auto Fault
Automatic Transmission Assembly
Electrical and electronic devices such as, ECM, TCM, AFS, CKP, CMP, O₂ Sensor, WTS, Control Relay and etc
Injector, Fuel Filter, Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump, Fuel Equipment, DC 12V/60A Battery for Vehicles, Generator.
Ignition coil, Spark Plug, High Voltage Cables etc
Cooling System such as Radiator, Overflow Tank, Relay, Electric Pan
Exhaust System such as Catalytic Converter, Emission, Silencer
Ignition Switch (Key S/W) Anti-vibration dampers and a urethane wheels
Control box, fuel tank (removable), accelerator lever
Stainless molding type safety guard is installed
Radiator-only stand and laser processing protection panel
Automatic transmission oil pressure gauge for each singular 6ea
Vacuum pressure gauge 1ea (0.1Mpa)
Fuel pressure gauge 1ea (1Mpa)
Battery voltage gauge 1ea (30V)
Drawer type storage space 1ea
Size:- Approx. 1,500 X 1,400 X 1,300 mm
Weight:- Approx. 400 kg  
Training Contents:-
Various practices by self-diagnosis.
Various practices by Electric-controlled gasoline engine tune-up.
Measurement and inspection of Auto transmission.
Measurement and inspection of Hydraulic measurement in accordance with A/T Range.
Measurement of exhaust, Measurement and inspection of compression pressure of cylinder.
Measurement of radiator cap pressure and inspection of the leakage from the radiator.
Operation test of Fuel pump, Measurement and inspection of Oil pressure.
Measurement and adjustment of tensions of timing chain and fan belt.
Measurement and adjustment of voltage and current in such as a charging circuits, start circuits.
Connector checking terminal for inspection of sensors and actuator.
Inspection of every part of intake and exhaust system.
Inspection of every part of each automotive electricity, fuel system, ECU, sensors and actuator.
Inspection of belts in cooling system and pumps.  
Service Manual in English: 1pc/unit
User Manual in English: 1pc/unit
Product Cover: 1pc/unit
Operation video for equipment : 1CD / unit  
Maintenance Service / Customer Service Centers in Egypt
Kader Factory for Developed Industries / MADOS Engineering & Trading  
Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Business Agency certify that
Source of origin : Made in India

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