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Basic Refrigeration Trainer

Product Code : JL-AE-9974

Basic Refrigeration Trainer
Technical Description:- 
It is able to make the experiments and training for temperature, pressure of auto pressure-control device and auto defrosting.
It is able to check the changes of refrigeration device depends on different types of expansion valves.
It is able to set up the temperature scope of measurement to create the P-I diagram so it makes these experiments and trainings available such as cycle changes of equipment, Mollier diagram and data saving.
Theoretical education, experiments and trainings are available for the fundamental circuit and application circuit by various circuit structure of equipment.
It is able to understand the principles of hot gas defrost, capillary tube and thermostatic expansion valve by manual operation.
Unlike separation system in mechanical part, the control unit is visualized.
Automatic control for graphic panel with two automatic control modules
Operating Control(ON,OFF) of monitoring and machine using data saving Function and electric control board in the PC.
Fault insertion & simulation, Data acquisition and P-I diagram drawing via.
Manual with theory and experiments.
Compressor:- 1/2HP, single-phase 220V, Control Box
Condenser:- Air-cooled type, single-phase 220V
Evaporator:- pin, Tube Air-cooled type, transparent chamber, damper
Liquid receiver : 1/2HP
Accumulator : 1/2HP
Expansion Valve : manual expansion valve, capillary tube, temperature
Expansion Valve
Electronic Valve for operation : 3/8" nut clamp type or welding type
Filter dryer : 3/8" nut clamp type or welding type
Manometer:- High Pressure, Low Pressure
Charging nipple:- Attached to a nipple for Charging
Sight Glass:- welding type or nut clamp type
High and Low pressure switch : LPS, HPS
Sequence Control Unit
Refrigerant:- R-22, R-134a, R-401a, R-404a, R-600a
Storage Cabinet

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