Gear Demonstration and Transformation of Energy

Gear Demonstration and Transformation of Energy

Product Code : JL-T-1322

Gear Demonstration and Transformation of Energy

  • The model clearly shows how various, most widely used Gears Work and also demonstrates how Electrical Energy can be converted into mechanical energy.
  • The unit consists of a mounted motor which is connected by a belt and pulley to a train of different kinds of Gears.
  • The various kinds of gears demonstrated are, Straight Bevel Gears, Worm Gears and Spur Gears.
  • The transformation of Energy Motion is demonstrated by Pulley Belt working, Gears connected by Chain working (bicycle) and transformation of energy to a wheel.


  • 12 inch (300mm) x 8 inch (200mm) x 0.60 inch (15mm).
  • Height of unit, taking into account the tallest part 5inch (125mm).
  • Gears vary in diameter, smallest being 1 inch (25mm), biggest being 3.75inch (95mm).
  • The motor works on 6v dc, battery holder for 4 D cell batteries supplied. Batteries not included.
  • A preview of the included instructions can be found at the bottom of this listing.

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