Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

Product Code : JL-PLE-4061

Spot Reflecting Galvanometer

Our range of Spot Reflecting Galvanometer finds extensive use as a D.C. null detector in wheat stone bridges and potentiometers. 

Mains feed:- It is a' mains' operated instrument but can operate on a 6 volt battery also.

There is provision to operate this instrument can be operated on both as well as main supply 220 volts, 50Hz or 6 Volt Capacity. 

Light Source:

The light Source is 6 Volt and 0.3Amp bulb giving a bright spot on the scale. 


The galvanometer has built in lamp and scale arrangement and housed in a Bakelite case.

The highly sensitive moving coil system is suspended in a taut band manner in a uniform field of permanent magnet. 

Scale:- The scale is 150mm long and end zero use. 

Zero Adjustment:- The spot of light can be set at any point on the scale with the help of zero adjusting knobs. 

Sensitivity Control:-

The sensitivity is controlled by a 2-pole,6 way switch. 

The switch Positions are D,1/10,1/100,1/1000 and s/c

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