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Acquisition of scientific data that is reliable, precise, and realistic is important in every step of environment-based research. JLab is a renowned partner in the environmental industry when it comes to choosing the right equipment. We are aware of the importance of reliable scientific data used in research, which is why we have aligned with world-class vendors for the raw material. Our environment chemistry equipment is recognized for reliabi

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Acid Rain, Weathering & Erosion

Acid Rain, Weathering & Erosion

Product Code : JL-ECE-6740

Acid rain can be devastating to aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial areas. It not only effects naturally-occurring surfaces, such as rocky surfaces of mountainous regions, but manmade surfaces as well.

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Environmental Chemistry: Nitrates, Phosphates & Eutrophication

Environmental Chemistry: Nitrates, Phosphates & Eutrophication

Product Code : JL-ECE-6741

Understand the importance and value of fresh water and the need to protect and conserve this valuable resource. They will observe and examine the effects of nitrates, the effects of phosphates, and the effects of a combination of nitrates and phosphates

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