Automatic Tissue Processor

Automatic Tissue Processor

Product Code : JL-ELA-5486

Automatic Tissue Processor
We offer customers automatic tissue processors under.
These processors are quality instruments used for automatically processing tissue specimens for microscopic observation.
For preparing tissue for preservation in its natural state, it is processed through a calculated cycle of fixation to stop all enzyme activities.
Automatic Tissue Processor Features: Dehydration to remove all water infiltration of paraffin Permits the tissue to be cut into sections for slide staining Working Tissues are inserted in stainless capsules/ uni-cassettes Identified placed into wire mesh baskets that are mounted on hood for processing Movable hood raises, transports lowers the baskets through series often via glass beakers containing processing agents two stainless steel pots containing hot paraffin Tissue is sequentially submerged oscillated in a fixative dehydrated cleansing agent and finally immersed in paraffin Automatic Tissue Processor Advantages.
Programmable 12 stage timing sequence, having 24 hours calibrated disc Delay action of 24 hours Precision gear mechanism for trouble frees working Safety device for tissue protection Thermostatically controlled wax bath Each Station with capacity of 1 Liter/2 Liter Automatic agitations allow the effective processing of tissues Assure utmost convenience in operation Physilab Automatic Tissue Processor Complete As Above Is Supplied With: 24 Nos.
Tissue Capsule 1 Nos. Basket Rotator for Tissue Capsule 10 Nos. Glass Beakers 2 Nos.
Wax Bath 6 Nos. Calibrated Disc (Histokinette Disc).

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