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Product Code : EL-BL-12644

Model No.: “JLG326/029”
• Model Tall: 45cm
• Gender: Unisex; 
• Material: PVC Plastic; 
• Detachable torso human anatomy model with enough details. 
• 23 Parts & Organs: Divided into 23 pieces: torso, female thorax, head, eyeball, brain, a spinal nerve, lung (2 pieces), heart (2 pieces), liver, kidney, stomach (2 pieces), intestine (4 pieces), male reproductive organs (2 pieces), female reproductive organs with fetuses (3 pieces).
Vivid Details: The human anatomy model show the relative positions, morphological characters, anatomical structures of the head, neck, and internal organs with particular reference to respiratory, digestive, urinary, and nervous systems.
• Move & Use: This human body model have a base to support the torso model, stably stand on the tabletop. 
• Possible to move or carry for classroom teaching easily.

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