Semi Fowler Bed (Deluxe)

Semi Fowler Bed (Deluxe)

Product Code : JL-HB-1980

Semi Fowler bed (Deluxe)

  • Backrest adjustments obtained by smooth crank mechanism with foldable handle.
  • Two Section perforated CRCA sheet top.
  • Removable head and foot panels made of strong ABS plastic
  • New design collapsible side railings (1320 mm long)
  • Integral telescopic IV drip rod and urine bag hooks
  • Four side corner buffers
  • Epoxy powder coating with 8 tank pretreatment process under controlled conditions
  • Supplied in Knock down condition
  • Complete with S.S. tubular head and leg bows with laminated panels
  • Legs with plastic 


  •  Sturdiness
  •  Corrosion resistance
  •  High Comfort     


Dimensions 2110 x 910 x 600 mm
Back Rest 0-80°
Knee Rest 0-40°
Braking Smooth, 2 break & 2 free
Railings Collapsible, 2 Nos

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