Basic Botany Prepared Slide Set

Basic Botany Prepared Slide Set

Product Code : JL-PS-8162

Basic Botany Prepared Slide Set
High-quality yet affordable, this basic botany prepared slide set is great for introducing the world of microscopy to students. 
Set of 15 glass slides labeled and stored in a slotted plastic case.

Fumaria (w.m.)
Pumpkin Stem (t.s.)
Fern Leaf (w.m.)
Onion Root Tip Mitosis (l.s.)
Pinus Xylem Stem (t.s.)
Foliose Lichen’s Body (sec.)
Pinus Young Female Cone (l.s.)
Pumpkin Stem (l.s.)
Zea Mays Root (t.s.)
Pinus Young Male Cone (l.s.)
Zea Mays Root (l.s.)
Triticum Aestivum Leaf Epidermis (w.m.)
Zea Mays Seed (l.s.)
Lilium Brownii Ovary (t.s.)
Pollen Tube Budding (w.m.)

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