Inverted Microscope

Inverted Microscope

Product Code : JL-M-8147

Inverted Microscope
The microscope comes with phase contrast objectives & condenser, 35mm and 65mm culture dish holders, and a trinocular photo port which allows the user to capture images with an add-on camera.
JLab Inverted Microscope offers versatility at a great price for the college, university or clinical user. 
Ideal for routine viewing of cell cultures, this microscope comes standard with high-quality plan objectives for exceptional image quality. 


Viewing Head

JLab Tinocular head ensures eyepiece tube length when interpupillary distance adjustments are made

100/0 or 20/80 light distribution (Binocular/ Camera port)

45° inclined


Wide field (WF)10x/20mm; High eyepoint

Third centering piece included


Quadruple objective nosepiece accepts four objectives

The nosepiece runs on ball bearings with internal click stops so that the image remains centered after each magnification change.


Blue, green and gray


10X Long working distance, plan objective, W.D.=7.9mm

25X Long working distance, plan objective, W.D.=5.0 mm

40X Long working distance, plan objective, W.D.=3.0mm

Phase Contrast Objective

25X, Ph+, Long working distance, plan objective, W.D.=5.0mm

25X, Relief Phase Slide

Focusing System

Low position coaxial coarse and fine focus knobs


Stage size: 206mmx170mm

Smooth X/Y calibrated movement with cross travel range: 128mm x 80mm ( left or right operation exchangeable)


Slide Relief Phase Contrast Condenser  N.A.0.35   W.D.=45mm


Built-in Kohler illumination with field diaphragm, provides uniformly bright light

6V/20W Halogen lamp

Light intensity control


Ergonomically designed metal frame for stability and durability

Arm and base made from one piece construction

Antifungal treatment prevents fungal growth

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