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Student Electrical Kymographs

Product Code : JL-PALE-2347

Student Electric Kymographs (Recording Drums):-

Drive mechanism consists of constant speed electric motor and accurate gear-box contained in the base together with robust plate clutch. 

Engagement of various gear ratios are effected by sliding the lever into the slot marked with surface speed or by a knob in seperate models.

6" diameter main cylinder and Stainless Steel spindle have been standardized to make the same universal and interchangeable. 

Double electric contact arms are clamped on the main spindle and a stout double-contact block is fitted on top of the base.

Gear ratios i.e. 640 mm, 320 mm, 25 mm, 12.5 mm, 2.5 mm, 1.2 mm, 0.25 mm, and 0.12 mm per sec, are effected by sliding lever into the slot marked with 8-surface speeds.

Optional:- When longer records are needed a long paper extension device can be provided and fitted in position by a single set screw.

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