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Combined Convection and Radiation

Product Code : JL-HTTLP-9207

Combined Convection and Radiation
Comprises a heated cylinder mounted in a vertical air duct, with a fan at the base of the duct, which can be used to provide a variable airflow over the cylinder.
On the computer-controlled unit, the air flow is electronically adjustable over the range 0-7 m/s by a variable-speed fan, otherwise, it is manually adjustable.
A small-scale accessory to introduce students to the principles of combined convection with radiation from a horizontal heated cylinder.
K-type thermocouples measure the air temperature upstream and the surface temperature of the cylinder.
The air flow rate is measured by a vane-type anemometer in the outlet duct.
The accessory is mounted on a PVC baseplate, which is designed to stand on the bench top and connect to the Heat Transfer Service Unit without the need for tools.
Heater rating 100W at 24V DC.

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