Industrial Double Bridge

Industrial Double Bridge

Product Code : JL-SI-8046

Industrial Double Bridge
Standard Resistance : 
here are 10 coils of .01 ohm each arranged on a rotary dial plus a circular slide wire of total resistance .01 ohm and 500 sub-divisions is equal to .00002ohms on the normal range.

Multiplying Ratios: 
A single rotary switch furnishes 5 multiplying ratios of x 100, x 10, ×1, ×.01 and 0.1. 

Range of Measurement:
The bridge has a range of 2 micro ohm to 11 ohm. 

A bakelite panel enclosed in a teak wood box is used. 
Separate current and potential terminals, battery and galvanometer terminals, push buttons for battery and galvanometer are provided on the panel. 

Max. Current:
10A intermittently & 5 A continuously.

±0.5% current 5 Amps upto 10Amps

Managanin Coils are used. This bridge is very suitable for the use of wires & cable manufacturers. 
It is being extensively used for finding the resistance of transformer winding, contact resistance of relays etc.

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