Automobile Parts Actual Cut Section

Product Code : JL-IEL-10155

Automobile Parts Actual Cut Section
This model helps the student to understand the working of automobile parts very easily.
It is specially made dissectible for demonstration purposes.
1 Self Starter
2 Battery
3 Distributor
4 Ignition Coil
5 Spark Plug
6 Magneto
7 Electrical Fuel Pump
8 Mechanical Fuel Pump
9 Master Cylinder
10 Brake Cylinder
11 Gear Lubricating Pump
12 Water Pump or Water Body
13 Radiator
14 Crank Shaft
15 Cam Shaft
16 Connecting Rod
17 Piston With Rings
18 I.C. Injector
19 Speedometer
20 Shock Absorber

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