Hall Effect Experiment

Hall Effect Experiment

Product Code : JL-PLE-4284

Hall Effect Experiment
The resistivity measurements of semiconductors can not reveal whether one or two types of carriers are present; nor distinguish between them. 
However, this information can be obtained from Hall Coefficient measurements.
Which are also basic tools for the determination of carrier density and mobilities in conjunctions with resistivity measurement. 
Hall Effect experiment consists of the following:  Hall Probe (Ge. Crystal Mounted on a PCB). 
Electromagnet 10,000 Gauss. 
Power Supply for Electromagnete. 
Constant Current Power supply with Two Digital Meters. 
Digital Milli votmeter 0-200mV sensitivity ± O.lmV Auto polarity Digital milli Ampere-meter 0-20mA sensitivity ± 0.01mA. 
Digital Gauss meter with Hall Probe, 20KG.

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