Magdeburg Hemispheres Steel

Magdeburg Hemispheres Steel

Product Code : JL-LAAP-912

Magdeburg Hemispheres Steel

  • To demonstrate Atmospheric Pressure. Consists of two metal hemi-spheres 4 inch (10cm) in diameter, each with a sturdy metal handle.
  • One of the spheres has a stopcock to attach vacuum tubing 8mm ID.
  • Join the two hemi-spheres and connect to a hand pump or vacuum pump and evacuate the air in the hemi-spheres.
  • Try pulling the hemi-spheres apart, you will find it very hard, if not impossible to pull them apart.
  • Upon opening the stopcock and letting the air in, the hemispheres can be easily pulled apart.
  • Thereby showing the presence and affects of at mosheric pressure.

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