Middle School Fraction Kit

Middle School Fraction Kit

Product Code : JL-MLI-9818

Middle School Fraction Kit
Challenge your middle school students as they continue to master the concepts of fractions and equivalency. 
They’ll move to more-advanced activities involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions, mixed numbers, decimals and percents. 
This kit includes hands-on manipulatives as well as innovative games and activities to keep them thinking.
4 sets Fraction Circles
4 sets Fraction Squares
3 sets Fraction Tiles with work tray
Magnetic Equivalent Fractions
Magnetic Fraction Number Line
The Fraction Book, Gr. 5-8
Fraction Sudoku Puzzles
Comparative Fraction Strips
8 Interlocking Fraction Circles
Interlocking Fraction Book
Magnetic Decimal Tiles
Magnetic Fraction Tiles
5 sets Fraction Dice, 6 pieces each
Magnetic Percentage Tiles
Stuff & Tote

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