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Silicone Oil 50ml

Product Code : JL-MCE-7068

Silicone Oil 50ml
Silicone Oil Lubricant is suitable for all Gas and Electric internal components. 
Silicone oil has a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to, Cylinders, Gas Blow back Units, Valves, O-rings, Gears, Propane Adapters, Tools, Nozzles, Trigger Mechanisms, and more. 
Much thicker concentration of lubrication over common spray cans which means they keep your metal parts greased for a longer period of time!

High Viscosity Formulation
No Petroleum Distillates
Safe on All Surfaces / Materials
Water Resistant
Wide Temperature Range and Superb Thermal Stability
Excellent Plastic & Rubber Compatibility
Low Surface Tension
Excellent Wetting Properties
Great Oxidation Resistance
Precision Application Tip
Snap Cap Top Secures Bottle After Use
Perfect for All Airsoft Moving Parts

Capacity: 50ml

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