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The Kingdom Monera Microslide

Product Code : JL-CE-6775

The Kingdom Monera Microslide
Microslides are sets of 8 related 35mm images as photographed through a microscope to be viewed through a Microslide Viewer JLab. 
Arrows and callouts help the students locate important features being studied. 
Accompanied by a detailed text folder designed to stimulate, inform and question the students about the topic. 
Each text folder has a handy pocket to store the Microslides. 
Staphylococcus Aureus (1000x)
Bacillus Subtilus (1000x)
Mycoplasma Pneumonia (60,000x)
Gloeocapsa (1000x)
Oscillatoria (400x)
Sirillium Volutans (1000x)
Rickettsia Rickettsi (45,000x)
Nostoc - W.M. (100x) X.S. (400x)

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