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Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance

Product Code : JL-MI-2133

Analytical Balance

  • Best for rapid weighing, has a triangular beam
  • Rider scale graduated into 100 divisions with 0 at the centre
  • Fine selected edges, vertical arrest
  • Capacity 200gm,sensitiveness 1/10 milligram
  • Housed in teak wood case with slider and two panel doors Mounted on sun-mica base with levelling screws
  • Sartorius type short beam balance
  • Beam is 14 cms
  • long made of aluminium alloy
  • The rider scale fitted in front of the beam is provided with 100 notches with zero at the centre
  • Arrestment is vertical raising type on agate knives and planes Balance base is of synthetic black board and case is made of well seasoned wood nicely polished
  • Capacity 200 gm
  • sensitivity 1/10 mum


Knife Edges Agate
Bearings Agate
Capacity 200g
Sensitivity 0.1mg
Pans Inverse Stainless Steel, Diameter 70 mm
Overall 365x265x455mm
Dimensions (lxbxh)

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