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Cascade Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor JLab

Product Code : JL-ET-6647

Cascade Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

  • This set-up is used to study a non-catalytic homogeneous second order liquid phase reaction under ambient condition.
  • The setup comprises of three CSTR arranged in series and two feed tanks through which two reactants are fed to the reactor.
  • The flow rate of chemicals is controlled by individual Rota meters.
  • The circulation of feed inside the reactor is provided by compressed air.
  • Reactants from feed tanks enter in the first CSTR and are passed to second CSTR and so on.
  • Different side ports are provided to collect the samples for analysis.
  • Pressure Regulator, Pressure Gauge and Safety Valve are fitted in the compressed air line. 
  • To study the performance of Cascade of three equal volumes CSTR's in series for the saponification of a reaction. 
  • To draw the performance chart for the reactor system and evaluate the reaction rate constant at ambient condition.

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