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Digital Electronic Trainer

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Digital Electronic Trainer
Study of basic gates and verification of their truth tables:-
Study and verifications of the law of Boolean algebra and De-Morgan’s Theorems.
Study of important TTL terminologies. Verification of important TTL Circuit parameters.
Construction and verification of various types of flip-flops using gates and Ic’s :
RS Flip-flop 4.2 J-K Flip-flop.
D Flip-flop 4.4 T Flip-flop.

Construction and verification of various types of combinational circuits:-
Half Adder.
Full Adder.
Half Subtractor.
Full subtractor.
Even / Odd Parity Checker.
Binary to Gray Converter.
Gray to Binary Converter.
2 Bit Comparator.

Construction and verification of various types of counters:-
Down Counter. 
3 Bit Synchronous Ripple UP Counter.
3 Bit Asynchronous Ripple UP Counter.
Ring Counter.
Decade Counter.

Construction and verification of 4 Bit Universal Shift Register:-
Parallel Input Parallel Output (Parallel load operation).
Shift Right Operation (Serial Input serial Output).
Shift Left Shift Register.
Study of 7 - Segment Display And Decoder / Driver.
Many other experiments are possible using the onboard components and Breadboard.
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