Fractured Pelvis Model

Fractured Pelvis Model

Product Code : JL-OM-292

Fractured Pelvis Model

The model is made with special plastics which means that the surface structure and color of the pelvis model are especially natural.

In addition the fibro  cartilage of the symphysis is realistically modeled.

The male pelvis model corresponds to the dimensions of an average-sized adult male.

Structures shown:

Sacrum (tailbone)

Sacral-iliac joint (sacroiliac joint)

Iliac crest (crista iliaca)

Iliac bone (ilium

 Front iliac spine (spina iliaca anterior)


Seat bone (ischium)

 Obturator foramen

Pubic bone (pubis) with pubic arch (arc pubis) and pubic symphysis

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