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General Waste Incinerator

Product Code : JL-I-2430
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General Waste Incinerator

We offer General Waste Incinerator that are utilized for disposing off the waste in a hassle free manner.

These have a standard capacity and involve little operational time.

These heat up quickly to provide the temperature conditions required for the incineration process.

They can be installed without much effort and require minimal maintenance.

These have been priced as per standard market prices.

The incinerator offered shall be designed to operate on Controlled Air Paralytic principal of combustion.

The inner connecting SS Piping consists of valve, NRV, strainer etc.

Including pipe fittings, flange, nuts & bolts, clamps pipeline support, painting etc.

The Scrubbing liquid RE-Circulation Pump have suitable capacity.

Our products also have FRP/Epoxy lined of suitable capacity complete with inlet, outlet drain, overflow and fresh water connection, structural support, painting etc.

Type of Waste:-

Paper, Garbage, Refuge, Rubber, Leather, Tyre, Rice Grass, Hotel/Resort Waste, Non-eatable Food, any other waste heaving some

Waste Categories:-

Type A:

Trash, a mixture or highly Combustible waste such as paper, cardboard. Cartons.

Wood boxes and combustible floor sweepings from commercial and industrial activities.

The mixtures contain upto 10% by weight of plastic bags.

Coated paper.

Laminated paper.

Treated corrugated cardboard.

Oily bags and plastic & rubber strips.

Tit type of waste contains 20% moisture, 5% incombustible solids and has a heating value of 4700 Kcal per kg as fired

Type B:

Rubbish, a mixture of combustible waste such as paper.

Cardboard cartons, wood foliage and combustible floor sweeping from domestic.

Commercial and industrial activities.

The mixture contains upto 20% by weight of restaurant or cafeteria waste, but contains lithe or no treated papers, plastic or rubber wastes.

This type of waste contains 25% moisture, 10% incombustible solids and has a heating value of 3600 kcal, per kg as fired

Type C:

Refuse, consisting of an approximately even mixture of rubbish and garbage by weight.

This type of waste is common to apartment and residential occupancy.

Consisting of upto 70% moisture.

7% incombustible solids, and has a heating value of 2350 kcal per kg as fired

Type D:

Garbage, consisting of animal and vegetable wastes from restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, markets and like installations.

This type o waste contains upto 75% moisture, up-to 5% incombustible sends and has a heating value 01140D kcal per kg as fired

Type E:

Human and animal remains, consisting of carcasses, organs and solid organic wastes from hospital and similar sources. consisting of upto 85% moisture.

5% incombustible solids and having a heating value 01550 kcal per kg as Grad


Thickness:- 4 mm

HDPE tank:- 100 Lts. capacity with stop cock for chemical storage

Induced Draft Fan Centrifugal:- 2000 Nm3/Hr capacity

Head:- 300 mm

Emergency water storage tank:- 500 Ltr

Fuel: Electrical heater of 20 KW with automatic controls

Capacity: 15 to 20 kg/batch

Motor: 2 HP

MS Chimney thickness: 6 mm

MS sheet Dia at top: 150 mm

MS sheet Dia at bottom: 600-mm

Base plate thickness: 16 mm

Straight Chimney Dia: 150 mm x 600 mm

Straight Chimney Height: 30 mtr

Collection Tank capacity: 1000 Lts


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