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Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall

Product Code : JL-HTTCW-7370

Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall
To determine total thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of composite wall.
The experiments can be conducted at various values of input and calculation can be made accordingly.
To plot temperature gradient along composite wall structure.
To plot Heat flux Vs thermal conductivity in the composite structure.

Heater Assembly. 
Assembly Mounting frame. 
Test specimen MS 2 Nos. 
Bakelite 2 Nos.
Set of thermocouples. 
Wood 2 Nos. 
Clamp Plates 2 Nos. 

Control Panel:
12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator
Main's On/Off Switch.
Ammeter : 0 - 3 A.
Dimmerstat : 0 - 2 A.
Voltmeter : 0 - 250 V.

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