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LCD Touch Pad Digital Wide Field Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope

Product Code : JL-M-8129

LCD Touch Pad Digital Wide Field Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope
The stereo microscope offers ergonomic features such as synchronized bi-lateral inter-pupillary distance adjustments. 
The fully coated optical system which provides sharp and clear imaging with extreme flatness and contrast.
Designed to be outfitted with a variety of lens accessories to increase or reduce magnification. 
It provides the best reproduction and true color imaging. 
With a large zoom range and long-working distance.
Ideal for high-magnification, high-resolution observation in biological research, semi-conductor and other precision-oriented industries.
The trinocular model with a digital camera is excellent for photomicroscopy or use with an LCD screen. 

With up to 5-point multi-touch screen control is at your fingertips. 
With an 8'', 1024 x 768 high-resolution screen, JLab has great color fidelity and offers smooth images. 
The JLab uses the same quality LCD screen as the ones found on the Apple iPad. 
Latest LCD technologies significantly improve screen brightness coupled with IPS technology to reduce light reflection, you can get the same sharp and clear view from any angle. 
Integrated with a 2MP camera, the JLab allows for high-speed image acquisition. 
It improves image dynamic range and detail quality.
In­stead of the observing through microscope eyepieces, the JLab allows you to target search and focus on the screen. 
Furthermore, JLab utilizes specially designed image processing chips for built-in cameras. 
JLab takes care of all parameters such as white balance, exposure time, etc. automatically. 
JLab has built-in software and operating systems, the live image is available as soon as you start the camera. 
You can save the picture to your system memory or your external storage devices such as mini SD Cards or USB devices.



Total magnification: 6.7X~45X The magnification range can be enlarged to 3.4X~180X with auxiliary objectives and optional eyepieces

Viewing Head

Trinocular head (50%/50% light splitting ratio), 45° inclined and 360° rotatable

Interpupillary distance adjustable from 54mm-76mm


Two diopter adjustment of +/-5 on both eyepieces

10X wide-field high eyepoint

Paired 10X/22mm (Optional eyepieces WF15X/16mm, WF20X/12mm, Various reticle eyepieces WF10X/22mm available, not included)

The eyepieces can be locked on with setscrews to prevent students from removing them

Zooming Body

Standard objective zooming magnification range: 0.67x ~ 4.5x, Zoom ratio: 1:6.7, parfocal, working distance 105mm

Auxiliary objectives: 0.5X/177mm(working distance), 1.5X/47mm, 2X/26mm available (not included)

Objective lens protective glass available (not included)

Working Distance

Standard working distance of 105mm, working distance range can be enlarged to 26mm~177mm with auxiliary lens

Focusing Arm

Two focusing knobs with tension adjustment, 100mm focus distance range

Heavy duty rack and pinion focusing


Includes one 95mm glass stage plate and one 95mm reversible black/white stage plate. Includes two sample clips

Locked-on stage clips

2D Travelling stage available (not included)


Top light: diagonally adjustable top incident LED light. Brightness can be continuously adjusted independently

Bottom light: transmitted LED light. Brightness can be continuously adjusted independently

Built in illumination system allows three ways of illumination: transmitted, incident, or dual lighting.

Main On/off power switch. Besides, top and bottom lights can be switched on/off respectively with separate intensity control


Trinocular head available 50/50 light splitting ratio, with special interface, be able to connect to digital camera, imitate CCD, digital CCD, VGA

0.5 focus adjustable C-mount (not included)

Camera Main Features

8" Color LCD & Touch Screen 360° horizontal rotatable / 90° vertical rotatable

Free life-time software upgrade

2MP high resolution, 1024 x 786 display

Blue-tooth & Wi-Fi

CPU Dual-core 1.41GHz

Operating System Android 4.1.1

Memory: 1G (DDR3)

Storage: Internal 4 GB or External Mini SD Card

Windows, Mac, Linux compatible

Output Ports: 1x HDMI port; 1x USB 2.0; 1x Mini USB 2.0

Power Supply: Input: AC110v-220v; Output: DC 5v

0.35x Relay lens, external power adapters, HDMI cable

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