Product Code : JL-PFS-10406

The PCB Screen Printing Unit helps to coat the printing silk screen with light sensitive material.
The PCB layout and light sensitive coated screen is placed in the UV Exposure Unit for exposing.
The UV exposure and development process transfers the image from PCB layout to printing screen.
This solution includes all necessary machines and chemicals which are required in the PCB development process. 
The PCB Curing Machine is used as heating oven. 
The PCB Etching Machine is used for removing unused copper from the PCB. 
PCB Lab is a complete solution for designing Printed Circuit Boards. 
In this Lab, PCB fabrication is carried out using the Screen Printing Method.
The PCB Layout generated from CAD Tools is used as fabrication input for the PCB manufacturing.
The PCB Screen Printing Unit is used again for transferring the screen image on the PCB laminate. 
The Drill Machine is used for making holes in the PCB.
The PCB Shearing Machine is used for cutting PCBs as per the PCB layout size.
After exposure the screen is developed with the help of washing gun provided. 

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