Plastic Stereo Microscope

Plastic Stereo Microscope

Product Code : JL-M-8033

Plastic Stereo Microscope
JLab beginner stereo microscope is equipped with LED illumination and is battery operated, making this unit portable and convenient to use in any environment.
Coins, fossils, stamps, insects, and other objects can be examined with this beginner stereo microscope which comes with a binocular head, a pair of 10x wide-field eyepieces, and a pair of 2x objectives.

Plastic body.
Easy to use, light, and portable.
Pair of 2X objectives is installed on the microscope.
Upright binocular head.
Pair of 10X/16mm wide-field eyepieces.
Coarse focus control.
LED illumination (top light).
Interpupillary distance is 5.5cm - 7.5cm.
Glass optics.
2 AA batteries required (not included).
14cm x 11cm stage with locked-on stage clips; has a white stage plate that is 5cm in diameter.
Working distance is 7cm.
Dimensions:- 6.5" x 5" x 11" - 2 lb.

Why LED Light? 
Produces exceptionally bright and even lighting that is white in color.
The LED bulb emits no heat, thus preventing damage to delicate specimens so they last longer.
Uses very little power.
Extended lifespan.
Equipped with light intensity control to achieve better contrast.

Special Feature:-
The microscope is battery operated, making it portable.
Easy to use.
It is also very light, making it easy to carry.
Positive stops ensure that delicate specimens and optics are not damaged.

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