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Product Code : JL-WE-7489

An easy to use, hand-held, the electronic instrument giving an accurate wind speed measurement and ambient temperature. 
Operating ranges:
Wind Speed Range Resolution Accuracy m/s 0 to 30.0 0.1 m/s +5% km/ hr 
0 to 90 0.3 km/h +5%
Knots 0 to 55 0.2 knots +5%
mph 0 to 65 0.2 mph +5%
Ft /min 0 to 5860 19 ft/min +5%
Air Temperature Range Resolution Accuracy
°C & F -10 to 45 0.2° 2°

Product Specification:
Bearing: Sapphire bearing
Operating Humidity: < 90%RH
Operating Temperature: -10 to 45°C (-14 to 113°F)
CE & ROHS/WEEE: Approved
LCD Dimensions: 23 x 32mm
Dimensions: 105 x 40 x 15mm
Weight: 52g (incl. battery & langyard)
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