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Cube Testing Machine

Product Code : JL-CACTE-9446

Cube Testing Machine
Compression Testing Equipment Electrically cum Manually (Hand) Operated. 
The loads are measured on Bordon tube type load gauges which are calibrated against certified proving rings. 
The load gauges are fitted with a maximum load pointer. 
In the Electrically Operated Pumping Units, load gauges are fitted with micro switches to switch-off the motor when the load approaches the maximum capacity of the gauge, avoiding any over loading. 
Relays are incorporated so that the motor does not restart on its own after a power breakdown. 
The electrically operated pumping units are provided with a control knob to adjust the pace rate which can be effectively controlled by an experienced operator during the course of testing, by observing the progress of the load gauge reading. 
The electrically operated pumping units are also fitted with hand operated pump.

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