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Electronic Traction System Cervical And Lumber Manufacturer,Supplier and Exporter in India

Electronic Traction System Cervical And Lumber

Product Code : JL-PE-3840

Electronic Traction System Cervical And Lumber

The electrostatic intermittent traction machine is an accurate and sturdy unit. 

Improved reliability has been achieved using solid state Electronics. 

The Silent motor is smooth, reliable and lasting. 

The electronic traction is of solid construction and is easy to use the traction force can be easily adjusted from 5 to 45 kgs.

The traction force can be increased 90 kgs. using traction force doubler. 

The treatment time is electronically adjusted and displayed by LEDS digitally. 

At the end of treatment time the alarm comes up and traction stops.

Traction Mode Selector: 

Operates in static (Constant Traction) or in intermittent traction mode.

Hold Time/Rest Time: 

When the traction is in intermittent mode Hold & Rest time can be selected with rotary switch.

Traction Force Selector: 

The traction force of 5 to 45 kgs, is selected with a  rotary switch, with double upto 90 kgs.

Treatment Time Selector: 

Displayed LEDS, switches off the unit after treatment time.

Mounting: Wall or table mounting.

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