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Muffle Furnace Deluxe Model

Product Code : JL-MF-3998

Muffle Furnace Deluxe Model

Based on the rotating disc-splash plate principal.

Unit produces only super fine particles of micron size, which become part of the atmosphere.

Produced particles thereby reaching every corner of the room, resulting in uniform humidity.

Due to the upward thrust imparted to the micron sized water droplets, by high speed motorized unit, they remain suspended in the atmosphere for longer duration of time.

High Density ceramic fiber insulation. Hard abrasion resistant chamber designed to support heavy loads.

Autotune Microprocessor based PID Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller for higher temperature accuracy.

Available in three different working ranges with temperature range up-to 1150°C :

Temperature range up-to 900°C. (Maximum 1000°C)

Temperature range up-to 1000°C. (Maximum 1050°C)

Temperature range up-to 1150°C. (Maximum 1200°C)

Overload safety cut-off provided as a standard feature.

Triple Walled unit for better thermal safety.

Outer and intermittent walls are made of thick P.C.R.C. sheet, duly powder coated.

Heating elements are made of Kanthal “A-1” grade wire.

Very suitable for various purposes like gravimetric anaysis for organic substance and measurement of quantity for coal and lime.

With the distinguished Autotune Digital P.I.D. controller, it provides precise control of temperature.

By the highly efficient heater installed in the chamber, it heats the materials uniformly.

With this excellent feature, it surely reduces time of temperature climb.

By using the high density ceramic wool as a insulator, it maintains consistent temperature and minimal heat dissipation.

Internal Workzone Dimension (WxHxD) mm



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