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Spray Tower

Product Code : JL-FMAHLE-7322

Spray Tower
The experimental set-up of Spray Tower consists of a glass column provided with necessary accessories. 
It operates in a semi-batch mode. 
The liquid-liquid interface can be maintained by controlling the flow rate of extract with the help of need leveler provided on Rota meter. 
The fine spray nozzle is fitted at the top. 
Feeds are metered by Rota meters and derived from separate feed tanks. 
The structure also supports tanks, piping, Rota meters and other units.
The total set-up is housed in a rigid structure. 
Requirement For Operation:-
Compressed Air Supply at 2 Bar, 0.5 CFM.
Floor Drain.
Water Supply.
Required Chemicals & Laboratory Glassware.
Extraction Column
Material            :     Borosilicate Glass
Height              :     750 mm (approx).
Diameter          :     45 mm (approx).
Feed Tank
Material            :      Stainless Steel
Capacity           :      20 Ltrs.
Quantity           :      2 Nos.
Extract & Raffinate Tanks
Material            :           Stainless Steel
Quantity           :           2 Nos.
Capacity           :           10 Ltrs.
Feed Circulation:          By Compressed Air
Pressure Gauge     :     Bourdon type, 0-2 kg/cm2.
Pressure Regulator :      0-2 kg/cm².
Flow Measurement :    Rota meters (One each for Solvent & Solute)

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