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Advanced Infant CPR Training Manikin

Product Code : JL-AM-5920

Advanced Infant CPR Training Manikin


Baby CPR training manikins is personally designed for professional baby Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training referring to American Heart Academy.

Features Infant CPR Manikin Functional:-

Simulation of infant natural opening of the airway

Baby-like inflations and compressions

Accurate landmarks for compression position

Brachial artery pulse, manual

Indicator light of inhalation and compression

Work Frequency:-

100 times per minute, or 120 times per minute (the latest international standard).

Work Condition:-

220V electrical source passes through man stat, output 6V current.

Artificial Respiration:-

The digital indicator light bar of Skill guide shows the inhalation volume, compression depth.

Manual Compression

If correct hand position compression, the green indicator light is activated.

If incorrect compression, yellow indicator light is activated with warning prompt.

Brachial Artery Pulse:-

The baby CPR manikin can simulate brachial artery pulse through squeeze bulb rhythmically.

You can palpate it after squeezing the bulb rhythmically.

Operation Frequency:-

When practice, should comply with the International First Aid Standard ratio 5:1, namely, 5 correct chest compressions and 1 correct artificial respiration. 

The compression frequency should be 120 times per minute or 100 times per minute.

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