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Product Code : JL-FOT-10255

Advanced PLC Trainer
PLC Controller panel consist of 32 bit CPU controller, 24 Digital input ports, 22 Digital Output ports, 4 Analog Input channels with 12 bit resolution, +/-10V Voltage or +/-20mA current range, 2 Analog output channel, 0 to10V Voltage or +/-20mA current range.
Program capacity 8K step/data register 5K words, 4 points of 10Khz pulse output, 8 points of high speed counter 20Khz/4 points & 10Khz/4points, Supports modbus, RTU protocol,link for PC communication.
Digital Input Simulation panel consist of 14 bit digital input toggle switch provided for Hi & Lo output & 2 bit digital input Push switch provided for Hi & Lo output.
4 Analog Simulation Potentiometer. High output level is 24V dc & Low output level is 0V.
Digital Output Simulation panel consist of 8 bit SPDT Relay output with Led indicator.
Optional Interfacing Simulation Module supports Traffic Light Module, Vehicle Parking Module, Elevator Lift Module, Washing Machine Module, Bottling Plant Module, Packing Module.
Level & Pump Control Module, Fan Control Module, Star Delta Module, Safety Door Module, conveyer Belt Module, Seven Segment Module, Stepper Motor Control Module, DC Motor Control Module.
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