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Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 6.7x-45x Magnification

Product Code : JL-M-8131

Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope 6.7x-45x Magnification
This stereo microscope offers ergonomic features such as synchronized bi-lateral inter-pupillary distance adjustments. 
Designed to be outfitted with a variety of lens accessories to increase or reduce magnification. 
The fully coated optical system which provides a sharp and clear imaging with extreme flatness and contrast. 
With a large zoom range and long-working distance, it can produce the best reproduction and true color imaging. 
The long track stand provides a long working distance, to offer flexibility when working with small or large samples.
The compact, thin design of the large base provides added comfort for the user and allows sample positions to remain low, which provides easy access to variable light controls. 
Ideal for high-magnification, high-resolution observation in biological research, semi-conductor and other precision-oriented industries.

10x wide-field, high eyepoint.
Two diopter adjustment of +/-5 on both eyepieces.
Paired 10x/22mm (Optional eyepieces WF15x/16mm, WF20x/12mm, Various reticle eyepieces WF10x/22mm available, not included).

Viewing Head:-
Binocular head, 45° inclined and 360° rotatable.
Interpupillary distance adjustable from 54mm-76mm.

Total magnification: 6.7x-45x, the magnification range can be changed to 3.4x—180x with the auxiliary lens and optional eyepieces.

Zooming Body:-
Standard objective zooming magnification range: 0.67x-4.5x, Zoom ratio: 1:6.7, Parfocal working distance: 105mm.

Working Distance:-
The standard working distance of 105mm, working distance range can be enlarged to 26-177mm with the optional auxiliary lens.

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